George is currently serving full-time as Whistler and Senior Citizens Olympics Contestant. Please enjoy the bio.
George W. Jageman was born, and has remained, in his own words, "exceptionally healthy." One might add "exceptionally intelligent" to the list. He started first grade at 5 years of age, one year ahead of his peers. That made him smaller, and brought on fights, and bullying.
He wanted to win those fights, so his coach gave him a secret formula: Chin-ups! 5 in the morning, 5 at lunch, 5 at recess, and 10 after school. George followed this regimen every school day for 12 years!
Along came success. High School sports and academics were simple play to him. He rushed through his courses and contests, and every so often found himself alone. That was when he began to whistle, and experiment with various techniques.
Next came college .. on scholarships, of course, for academics and sports ... and then, a booming computer career. Wherever he went, George W. Jageman rose to the top of his craft. He met the love of his life, and married, Laura. His faith, and marital commitment, ran deep throughout the success, and would one day prove his sole sources of comfort and strength.
On that day George did something so disastrous, it ended life as he knew it. His income stopped, and his spirit nearly broke.
George W. Jageman had the Audacity to turn 50!
He did it soon after the big oil crunch in the mid-80s, when corporations were downsizing. They laid George off with many other middle executives. "Why am I here?" became his ponderous refrain.
Rather than let the unfairness plant a root of bitterness in his soul, Mr. Jageman began a New life, which would include Olympic Medals, an entertainment career, ranching, and hooking up with a business that will soon revolutionize Internet Communications. George Jageman currently enjoys exposure in various media, and his star rises yet again.
I am proud that This George W. has chosen Me to present his website, and tell his story. What an inspiration to Any who have faced discrimination, loss, and a shattering of spirit!
Paul L. White
© July, 2000

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