One of the heroes on this list is Mr. Robert Ryan. He served in the Marines, stateside at Camp Pendleton for the duration of World War II.

As years progressed, he let it be known that his viewpoints were of a more liberal nature. Extreme right-wing activists choose to try and demolish such individuals.

In light of that acerbity, Mr. Ryan's son had some reservation about seeing his father's picture on our site.

I explained that seeks to be balanced, and celebrate the spirit that is willing to serve our country, not any one political party or position. Mr. Ryan's son then kindly responded with these words

I am, of course, very proud of my father's service in WWII, and very, very respectful of those who serve in any war.

A little background: I first discovered about my father's name on along with a few other such sites. As you can see (by clicking the link), the intent is very political in nature, trying to smear current actors as not being "true Americans" if they disagree with the current war.

My father disapproved of the Vietnam war, and even with his war record, he was branded as Un-American by just the sort of people that brand people today.

Despite my father's war record, our house was pelted with eggs, and we received a bomb threat from someone claiming to be a member of the John Birch Society.

This is when I was a kid and a young teenager. It affected me. It affected all of my family.

I hope you can understand why the Ryan's would not be associated with that kind of site.

But, I have come to realize, thanks to letters like yours, that not all the sites that use this list have that same bent. Some sites probably don't even know that the "Hollywonk" sites are, most likely, the source for this list.

In any case, I appreciate your letter, and, if you want to return my father's name to your list, we would have no problem with that.


We originally had Robert Ryan at the top of our list, but his son requested that, after a while, we return him to his previous location on this list. Robert Ryan was a man of humility, and so, regretfully, we honored his son's request.