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So like the paths I now do walk,
These Others stepped before ...
On Road of Dreams, Lane of Dust
They gathered Wisdom's Lore.

And I'd do well to imitate
The guidelines of their way;
For Heroes lead to Better Place,
And gain the Will to Stay.

© Paul L. White, 2002

Every child growing up had a hero, someone they could look up to and respect. With time came the knowledge that heroes are real people, just like we are, who have made a positive impact on the lives of others. It is my privilege to share with you my thoughts of some of those people.

This prose contributed by my sister Laura.



Financial Policy

After much thought, and prayer, I have decided to not directly solicit product sales in this family of web sites.

Products will be announced, where appropriate, and any queries of interest, by viewers, will be sent directly to the responsible parties.

Where there is a web site for which I receive funds, if that person wishes me to advertise, or solicit, I will.

Any relevant commercial site for Heroes West subjects will be listed on our links page.


If my tributes are to "ring true," there cannot be a question as to motivation. As long as finances will allow, I plan to continue this project, and bring to viewers a beautiful side of these persons generally not broadcast.

Special Note: this is not a gossip endeavor! The intent at Heroes West is to build up, never tear down.

Paul L. White,




After a few years of computer wrestling, I can now update this site. I trust you will enjoy the features and tributes which are added, and which are on their way.



Picture Policy

I have already received requests for enlargement of one picture in my Heroes List on the Home Page. Admittedly, many of the items you will see on this site are rare. Please be advised that all are property of both Heroes West and the prospective celebrities and/or publishers.

Thank you ahead of time for respecting their copyright.

This site is meant to celebrate these personalities, not sell them. It is the official opinion of this webmaster that too many Heroes are objectified by torso, sound, and attire. Not enough receive attention for their noble attitudes and decision-making.




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