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So like the paths I now do walk,
These Others stepped before ...
On Road of Dreams, Lane of Dust
They gathered Wisdom's Lore.

And I'd do well to imitate
The guidelines of their way;
For Heroes lead to Better Place,
And gain the Will to Stay.

© Paul L. White, 2002

Every child growing up had a hero, someone they could look up to and respect. With time came the knowledge that heroes are real people, just like we are, who have made a positive impact on the lives of others. It is my privilege to share with you my thoughts of some of those people.

This prose contributed by my sister Laura.



When I first moved to the Dallas area in 1989, my goal was to start two different careers: one in computer programming, and one in writing. I went to a Writer’s Club, and they suggested that “if you want to be successful in writing, you have to write about celebrities.” And not too many years later, HeroesWest.com was born…with just that thought in mind.

I have had the privilege of meeting many celebrities, in various stages of their career, and, for each, there ran a certain thread of attitudes which, I feel, contributed to their greatness. I am hoping that, by exposing those attitudes, I can then adopt them myself, as can any reader who wants to.

My rules for inclusion are that I have to have met the celebrity either in person, or through correspondence, to create a tribute.


Financial Policy …

I am not permitted to seek financial assistance for this website, and that for a very noble reason. While working with Ross Perot’s Petition Committee in 1992, we were told that we could not use our experience there for financial gain. I want to definitely include some writing about that experience on this site, and so, I must comply with their edict.


So Why Do This?

I’ve often been asked: “what is your point in doing the site? What do you get from it?” It is my hope that, some day, I can write a book of poems. Perhaps interest generated by the tributes will lead viewers to also look at the poetry, and create a demand for it. Blessings to all.



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