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On this page we list various articles I've written, just to see how folk will respond. As with the Heroes List page, you can find them by using either the drop-down list above, or clicking on the titles presented below.

Using the drop-down list will replace this page, and clicking one of the names below will bring up the tribute in another page in your browser.


  1. The Dixie Chicks - Once Upon A Time
  2. When the Dixie Chicks first started, there were four. And they sang songs like "Thank Heavens for Dale Evans!" I was privileged to meet them more than once, and here is a bit of that story.


  3. Hockey's Labor Dispute
  4. In 2004, the NHL had a labor dispute, and I was fortunate to discuss a few things with the likes of Sports Writer Mike Heika. He then wrote for the Dallas Morning News, but is now working strictly for the Dallas Stars hockey team. I hope you enjoy the exchange.


  5. Lisa's Responses to 9-11
  6. When 9-11 hit, my Internet friend Lisa lived near the destruction, and lost many of her friends due to that attack. She had a blog at the time, and we exchanged Emails, and the combination of the two are presented on this page. I keep this tribute on the HeroesWest site lest anyone forget or minimize the terrific suffering which took place as a result of that invasion.


  7. Patriotic Pictures that Seldom Make the News
  8. Back when I was using America Online, I would get links to patriotic type photos from various people in my Email. These struck me as rather poignant, and so I present a page in honor of their tenderness.


  9. Was Iraq Good Strategy?
  10. I am a fan of Military History, and it kept nagging at me that there might be a strategy to our involvement with Iraq that hasn't been discussed on network news. Here is my attempt to share, from my reading, what may have been involved.


  11. WMD Photos and Quotes
  12. In yet another set of Emails from back in the days of America Online, I received very interesting photos and quotes on the subject of Weapons of Mass Destruction. I trust you will find them at least a bit of food for thought.


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