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On this page we will list each tribute that we do on this site. You can find them by using either the drop-down list above, or clicking on the names presented below.

Using the drop-down list will replace this page, and clicking one of the names below will bring up the tribute in another page in your browser. Enjoy!


  1. Actors in the Military

  2. Hedy Lamar

    One of the most popular pages on this site has been the one listing so many actors and actresses who served their country. Several viewers have sent in names that should be on the list, and I hope to add them once this website is finished with its basic reconstruction. Hand over the heart for each of these individuals.


  3. Rick Barry
  4. Mr. Barry is the nephew of my best friend, and the author of numerous titles, all known, affectionately, as "page turners!" My friend recommended Gunner's Run, so I bought it as a Christmas present for myself in 2021. Here is a review of that book, and some of the interchange between the author and myself. I am a changed individual because of this volume, in that I see people so differently. Well done, Mr. Barry!


  5. Cynthia Basinet
  6. Cynthia is a fiercely talented singer, actress, and model. But she is also pensive, and full of wisdom's words. In this tribute, we demur on her performance skills, and emphasize the magnificence of her words.


  7. President George W. Bush
  8. President Bush, while he was Governor of Texas, responded to a letter I wrote him regarding needed assistance with a government agency. This tribute speaks of that exchange, and mentions some things that impressed me about him during his Presidency.


  9. Troy Dungan
  10. Back in the early 1970s, I helped Pastor a church in Michigan. Troy Dungan was the chief meteorologist at a TV station there, and graced our church with his presence. Fast forward to August of 1989, and I moved to Mesquite, Texas to start a computer career. Lo and behold, he was the chief meteorologist here at WFAA-TV in Dallas, Channel 8! And he went to the same Dallas church that I attended.

    Troy is retired now, and we go to different churches. I miss him terribly, and this tribute is my feeble attempt to honor him.


  11. Dale Hansen
  12. Dale Hansen is a relatively new friend, one who works as sports analyst at WFAA-TV, the same station as Troy Dungan did.

    He honors me by allowing me to comment, via Email, upon his latest news essay…and responding.

    "Mr. Dale" has so much to offer with his viewpoint and understanding, and it's an honor to be able to correspond with him


  13. Kathy Mattea
  14. Back in 2006, I believe, I went to visit a friend by plane, and landed at the airport in Nashville. While waiting with my friend from Alabama, I saw Kathy Matta talking with someone before they were to depart. I couldn't help but stare a little, since I love her song "Where've You Been?" It made her a bit uncomfortable, and this article is my explanation and apology.


  15. John McCaa
  16. Mr. McCaa and I exchanged emails shortly after our police chief resigned…within weeks of a terrible shooting which killed five Dallas police officers.

    Here is the story of that exchange, and a bit more about this man whom so many of us will never forget.


  17. Ross Perot
  18. In March of 1992, my temporary agency representative phoned me and stated: "Ross Perot is considering a run for the Presidency. Would you be interested in working with his organization?" I said "yes," and that started my four-month stint at being a part of history. In this tribute are articles I've written about the experience, one of which was published by the Mesquite News.


  19. Colonel R.B. Thieme, Jr.
  20. Colonel Thieme was my immediate Pastor for thirty-three years, and I still listen to his mp3s on occasion.

    His teaching had a tremendous influence upon my thinking, and I cannot help but express my gratitude in this accolade.


  21. Randy Travis
  22. I've been a fan of Randy Travis for decades, and have collected a bit of memorabilia, and more than one memory.

    He has been kind enough to respond to missives I've sent on three occasions. I hope that, as you read of these experiences, you will see the greatness of this man that I see.


  23. President Donald Trump
  24. I took a chance in Ocrober of 2019, and sent a letter to the President with a poem included. I was literally stunned to receive a response.

    On this tribute page you will see both the President's kind words, and the poem I wrote to him.


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