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So Long, Not Goodbye!

Thank you, Troy, for a magnificent 46 years! Though we weren't always in the closest of geographical proximities, you were always in the very core of my being.


Great Expanse

How oft I've viewed the sky above,
And wondered where it led?
Or what the objects plain in view
Could tell to those who've fed

Their souls and minds on learnéd things
Drawn from the heav'ns' expanse?
Such wondrous power, the soul would own,
To glean at just a glance.

And then I think of you, Kind Sir,
In tune with Weather's Lore.
'Tis sense, it makes, to see you find
A thirst for Someone More.



Family First ...

It was a Saturday afternoon, and I found myself working at the church with Pastor George Crosbie in Warren, Michigan. Ours was a tiny congregation, buffeted because of a choice Pastor made about the importance of Scriptures in weekly activities.



We'd been denominational, but decided, instead, to focus more on Bible classes, and less on programs to keep people busy. The congregation of 250-plus suddenly shrunk to about 30.

Thus, it was good news when word reached Pastor Crosbie that one of our Detroit weathercasters might be interested in attending. It would be the morale boost we so desperately needed.

Troy distinguished himself on television by wearing a bow tie, reminiscent of Soupy Sales, and Michigan Governor G. Mennen Williams, who had served from 1948 to 1961.

Well, the phone rang, and for some reason I was the one to pick it up. A very light voice, with perfect elocution, greeted me. "Hello, this is Troy Dungan." I am slightly hard of hearing, so thought he said "Duncan." Still tend to pronounce his name that way.

Immediately, my torso froze into position. "Hello," I said to him, but to myself: "this is where he tells us how much he appreciates a deep study of Scriptures, and how wonderful we are for leaning that way!"

"I was wondering, do you have anything for the kiddies?" My jaw dropped. These are the first words out of his mouth? I quickly blurted that our "Prep School" was very much like Sunday School, except that we engineered our own curriculum. But then hastily added, "and we use the Greek and Hebrew, plus categorical studies..." etc., going into great length, just in case he'd forgotten to ask. Ahem.

Looking back, I can see my arrogance and self-centeredness, but then was very, how shall we say? "Evangelistic?" Nah. Pugilistic!

Still, Troy kept his composure, and assured me he might be stopping by soon. Which, of course, is exactly what took place.

Little did I know then that one day he'd be working at a TV station in Dallas, Texas, with the motto "Family First." Or that I would see him again in that city.



I worked as an Assistant Pastor with George Crosbie for 5 years. I would fill the pulpit when he couldn't, which was often for a while. When the church members didn't like our approach, and scattered, he tried to work full-time and teach several Bible classes per week. His heart gave way, and my opportunities to fill the pulpit rose during his recovery period.

One thing led to another, and I began to feel less and less adequate as a teacher. I moved to Houston to study under a Pastor there, Colonel R. B. Thieme, Jr., then moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma, originally to attend seminary. Funding for that endeavor suddenly dried, and so I ended up studying Computer Science at Tulsa Junior College. With two Associate degrees, I moved to Dallas, where the computer jobs were then most plentiful.

And there he was ... Mr. Dungan himself ... in the same church as I began attending (because of its emphasis on doctrinal studies).

Troy was a lot of fun to watch. I remember one time I bolted out of the rest room, and almost collided. For some reason, I kept staring at him instead of where I was going. Not Troy. He looked down, and carefully measured each step, thereby enjoying a safe trip.

I'm personally short of stature, and sometimes get buffeted in life. Troy frequently used his own presence to lend me strength.

Once a very close, and tall, buddy of mine visited from Alabama. We've been friends since we were roommates at Detroit Bible College.

Don saw Troy, and his eyes lit up. Troy responded with "I remember Paul from Warren, Michigan." He knew, somehow, that Don assisted me on occasion. Those words impressed my friend.

One of Troy's most endearing qualities, in my opinion, is a refusal to take himself seriously. When he is weather-casting, he concentrates on the matter at hand, just like he did his steps in the church lobby. On rare occasions he'll say something humorous, but most of the time he's Ol' Saint Nick ... goes straight to his work, and leaves with a whistle.

My hope, in presenting this tribute, is to demonstrate the characteristics that make Mr. Dungan the silent hero that he truly is. As you will see below, he is tireless in his outreach of helping ... ministering ... and keeping the family first.


Letters from Troy

In 1999, I learned of Pastor Crosbie's promotion to heaven while visiting Berachah Church, in Houston. The bulletin below produced the sad announcement.


Please click to see a larger version.

Please click to see a larger version.


Upon returning home, I notified Troy, and this letter was his response. For some reason he thought I'd gone to the military.


Please click to see a larger version.


For Christmas, 2002, I sent Mr. Dungan a card, and let him know of my plans to produce this web site. These were his kind words in response.


Please click to see a larger version.


For Christmas, 2003, I also sent Mr. Dungan a card, thanking him for so many years of friendship. His words were warm, as usual. [Editor's note: At the time he wrote his letter, I hadn't told him about this tribute, obviously.]


Please click to see a larger version.


Pictures of Bethlehem
Please Click to See Larger Versions


For Christmas, 2004, I chose to keep things simple, and just say "Merry Christmas." I created my own card which included the above photos of the Bethlehem area (which I purchased). Troy was equally simple, and very gracious in what he wrote.


Please click to see a larger version.


The Santa's Helpers Toy Drive

Since the Dallas Morning News Article below mentions Troy's work with Santa's Helpers, thought I would include three screen grabs regarding that effort.

Two are publicity shots by WFAA, and one is a live feed from one of the drive's locations. With these, and the photos below them, you can see larger versions by clicking on them.





High Profile Article in
The Dallas Morning News
December 9, 2001

I doubt if it was by design, but felt it appropriate that the High Profile article on Troy would appear in the same edition as another article on TV journalist Marleigh Meisner, who earned the title featured.



Here is the magnificent headline for the article on Mr. Dungan.



We divided the article text into four small sections to decrease access time.



Placed judiciously within that text were these fine pictures. Clicking will bring slightly larger versions.




I trust you have enjoyed this visit with my treasures regarding Troy Dungan. He is retired, now, and is sorely missed.


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