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President Donald Trump

Thank You, Mr. President
December, 2019

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Here is the poem I wrote to the President which generated his response above. My poem was dated October 8, 2019.

The people voted, you did win,
And my, how hate did then begin!
And some of us do sorrow sore--
A' praying for you evermore

Because we see how great's your fight,
When all you've tried to do was Right...
Right by Nation's populace,
Scorned by persons ominous.

How I wish to take your hand
And thank you for your constant stand.
How I wish to peer inside
Your mind where wisdom does reside.

Oh, listen not, Sir, to the rage,
But constant be to turn the page
Of thinking to what makes more sense.
And may God give His confidence!

© Paul L. White



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