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How oft I travel back in years
When Halloween did bring no tears,
But rather joy and comfort's brew:
Emotion filling what we'd do.

It was the start of holidays,
When soon there'd be Thanksgiving's ways...
And then, of course, sweet Christmastime,
When all the joy and love did chime.

On Halloween we'd smell burnt cork
To give our cheeks a hobo's torque.
And we would dress in funny caps,
Or sheets with holes for goblin's flaps.

We'd walk among the neighbors close,
And never did we have a dose
Of trickery, no, always treat.
Then we would walk back home to meet

And show our folks a mother lode
Of candies where such sweetness flowed.
And Mom and Dad would simply smile,
A' building mem'ries all the while.

May your day, this Halloween,
Contain remembrances serene.
And may your loved ones find there, too,
A closer bond 'tween them and you!

A happy and safe Halloween to all!



Slowly creeping, dark of Night
Inches past us, made for Fright.
No one stirs, but still awake
All are anxious to partake…

Chasing candy's nibble sweet,
Just a little, just to meet
Eery craving to begin
Celebrating Glow within!


October 25, 2016
A Bit of Prose

To what shall I look for my muse this evening? Well, I just ordered pizza, and, after placing most of it into the freezer, I carried the now empty boxes out to the trash bin...and it was a perfect day outdoors! Not too warm, and not too cool.

Upon my return, a young lady scooted from somewhere onto the sidewalk, meandering slowly on the way to her own place. She stopped, smiled, and waved, bending her shoulders a little, and I smiled, but only slightly.

"What if I am considered too friendly towards a minor?" came the thought. "What if I am nice, and she begins to believe that all strange men are nice, and thus places herself in danger some future day?"

I saluted another neighbor, who was standing high on his balcony, and gazing while using his phone. "He is ok to greet," I figured. "He is an older male."

I continued down the rest of the sidewalk feeling so very sad that, on a day this close to the children's holiday of Halloween, I could not stop and greet the lass who so freely gave me her smile.



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