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Cynthia Basinet

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Recording Artist.
2005 Nobel Peace Prize Nominee.


Though all the World may be a stage,
There's none that creaks with lesser rage
Than that of yours when you appear,
Suspending malcontent and fear.

As onward to the tune you'll tame
You waltz, not seeking glory, fame,
But stubborn weakness, doubt to pin,
And then release The Power Within.

Oh stand alone, and close your eyes,
And let the Mood again reprise
In all our hearts, and all our days,
The Monument of Joy's Great Ways.

Paul L. White, 2003


My deepest respect and best wishes to our military abroad handling a difficult situation during a difficult time. ~Cynthia


I dedicate this tribute to a woman whose thoughts, ideas and voice have sparked Hollywood, and the World. I dedicate it to a Friend, whose wisdom and loyalty know no bounds.

Whenever we include edited excerpts from email conversations with Cynthia, "W" is the webmaster's voice, while "C" is Cynthia's.

Paul L. White

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