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Black History Month

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One February, Cynthia and I were Emailing about various issues of the day, and Black History Month was upon us. It dawned on me that she might have a unique perspective on this. Here is our exchange.


W: Considering your efforts on behalf of the Sahrawi people, what are your thoughts on America's "Black History Month?"

C:  It's a funny dichotomy.  On one hand, how very important it is to have Black History Month in order to shift the focus back to the many who have taken inflicted fear, unfairness, judgment. . .  all things rarely at one's own control and yet the guilt/internalization is what has supplied so many the fuel. 

The fuel that blasted out Miles's horn, or in an invention like the traffic light.  That fuel/that power. 

One is to hope that the power gained by these triumphs that we celebrate during BHM be not in vain but be the power we all gain.  To use this power united for peace, fairness, expression, protection of one's family/home and most importantly - freedom from so much judgment over-all.  Let this be America's crowning glory and shining example to the world about acceptance/love so that we may not need to have. . . 

a Black History Month for our children's children. 

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